Emergency Info

Please call immediately if any of your appliances are loose or broken. Knowing in advance allows us the ability to set aside time for your repairs. If you arrive without notifying us in advance, we may have to reschedule the appliance repair, even if you have a regular appointment.

Loose brackets or bands

If a brace comes loose, call Dr. Calcote’s office as soon as possible for advice. Sometimes it is important to re-attach the brace right away. If you have a problem on the weekend or at night and need to cut a wire of slide a bracket off the wire, please feel free to do so and call our office on the next working day. We will evaluate the problem to determine if it is necessary for you to be seen immediately. If an orthodontic emergency should come up on the weekend call the answering service (the office) for further instructions. Dr. Bob or a certified orthodontic assistant is always available.

Fingernail clippers are a useful home remedy for cutting wires.
Please wash and alcohol the clippers before using them.

Wire irritations

If a wire on your braces is causing an irritation, try pushing it away from the area being irritated by using the eraser end of a pencil or a cotton swab. If the wire cannot be tucked away, cover the end with a small piece of wax or cotton ball. You may also cut the wire with scissors or nail clippers. Call our office for an appointment if you cannot solve the problem.

Discomfort Associated with Treatment

Some patients experience discomfort the first week after their braces are placed and sometimes after routine adjustments. We recommend ibuprofen to ease any discomfort. Also eating softer foods will help. If your braces are causing soreness in your jaw joints, try using a moist heat compress or a warm washcloth to apply gentle pressure to alleviate the ache. The discomfort will subside in several days.


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